We take t-shirts hoodies, tanks, bags etc. and print your design or text directly to them. Our graphic designers separate each color in your design and transfer the single layers to an individual screen. Our printing press is the next step in the process. Each layer of ink is applied and your product is created. Our screen printing is priced based on quantity and number of colors in a print.

Heat transfer is a great way to apply numerous things to garments including: heat transfer images (photos, infinite color designs), rhinestones, vinyl prints, patches, numbers and more!  With vibrant colors and a professional look this process is great for producing single pieces or large quantities!  


Embroidery is the process of stitching a design into a fabric.  This a great to add a more professional look or for working with fleece type materials.  Typically people embroider on hat's, fleece jackets, polos etc. 


Mer+ge has an experienced graphic design team ready to turn your idea or sketch into an amazing image. With years of experience we are confident in creating anything from speciality designs to total recreations . We offer customized artwork for non-profits, fundraisers, special events, product identity, promotional products, and more.


We also can produce speciality items including banners, hats, mugs and more.  Email us with your questions and we will get right back to you!